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Here i share my analysis of the song from Richards point of view

Chandan Sa Badan Lyrics - Saraswatichandra (1968)

Movie/album: Saraswatichandra (1968)
Singers: Mukesh Chand Mathur (Mukesh) or Lata mangeshkar
Song Lyricists: Indeevar (Shyamalal Ba0bu Rai)
Music Composer: Anandji Virji Shah, Kalyanji Virji Shah
Music Director: Anandji Virji Shah, Kalyanji Virji Shah
Director: Govind Saraiya
Music Label: Saregama
Starring: Nutan, Manish

In this song i tried to applied I.R.Richars figurative language..

चन्दन सा बदन, चंचल चितवन
धीरे से तेरा ये मुस्काना
मुझे दोष देना जगवालों
हो जाऊं अगर मैं दीवाना
हो जाए अगर दिल दीवाना

in the frist stanza we can see lines says about any persone who is most important than others. Here he campaire her beloved with many other symbols to express his love for her “ chandan sa badan, chanchal chitvan” here we can see human body is not any kind of tree fruit but ‘chandan’ is a symbol of coolness or softness so he campaire her beloved to piece of 'chandan'. By using ‘chandan’ word he express that you are very soft and beautiful

ये काम कमान भंवे तेरी
पलकों के किनारे कजरारे
माथे पर सिंदूरी सूरज
होंठों पे दहकते अंगारे
साया भी जो तेरा पड़ जाए
आबाद हो दिल का वीराना
चन्दन सा बदन

in these lines he describe her beauty support with different symbols like ये काम कमान भंवे तेरी
पलकों के किनारे कजरारे it means your eyes are very beautiful its like river near Margo and then other line in your head 'kumkum' like sun here we can see sun is symbols of her 'sindur'. होंठों पे दहकते अंगारे means your smile it gives me a happyness here ‘aangare’ is not a symbol of fire but her smile when ever she smile he became a happy .

तन भी सुन्दर, मन भी सुन्दर
तू सुन्दरता की मूरत है
किसी और को शायद कम होगी
मुझे तेरी बहुत जरुरत है
पहले भी बहुत मैं तरसा हूँ (दिल तरसा है)
तू और ना दिल को तरसाना
चन्दन सा बदन

In third stanza we find that he finally ends his imagination and come to his result and says to her about her beauty तन भी सुन्दर, मन भी सुन्दर तू सुन्दरता की मूरत है here we can see that he tells to her. she is like a beautiful statue created by god.  Next lines he says that other persons need you or not but i want’s you a lot because before it i m waiting for you much longer time now its over i m totally passionless.

ये विशाल नयन, जैसे नील गगन
पंछी की तरह खो जाऊ मैं
सिरहाना जो हो तेरी बाहों का
अंगारों पे सो जाऊं मैं
मेरा बैरागी मन डोल गया
देखी जो अदा तेरी मस्ताना
चन्दन सा बदन
Your eyes see me where ever i m. I want what ever you are here other symbols like  अंगारों पे सो जाऊं मैं nobody can sleep in fire its just imaginations of writer.

At last here i tried to interpret my views according to I.R.Richards point of view.
                                                                        Thank you...