Sunday, 23 October 2016

Respected sir,
 here is my response to the task of ‘the birthday party’.  
1.       While viewing the movie, we are not clear about the character of lulu because her character was in minor. When she was performing her role at the same time some important thing or situations are going on so our focus goes to another direction rattan than her. So her scenes are omitted in film.

2.       The film version of the play ‘the birthday party’ giving the effect of menace by using some techniques like....
-knocking of door
-toy drum
-ringing bell, etc,....

3.       While viewing the movie we feel the effect of lurking danger. For example:- while in the film Stanley continuously playing toy drum without  any rhyme or rhythm at that time his inner psycho personality reflects. While reading we cannot feel any danger effect.

4.       Reading newspaper is very minor thing which is use in everyday life. But in the play newspaper is used as a symbol of something. It shows mental disability of McCain.

5.       Yes... when the camera positioned on head on McCain who playing blind man’s buff and when Stanley playing it someway we see that they tries to hide reality of human mind and shows dark sides of human being.

6.       Yes.. it happens in movie also the scenes are not changing dialogues were going on in the drawing room mostly dialogues are small. Normally people says that do whatever you want to we are always with you in your support but actually they are not.

7.       Pinter is very well known for his use of writing techniques like:  picturesque, pause, silence, menace, lurking danger ETC...
This all techniques are very well used into the film and also give better understanding rather than reading. Naturally it happens that visual effects are more understood rather than reading and actually we are habituated for that.

8.       I agree with second observation that    “It's impossible to imagine a better film of Pinter's play than this sensitive, disturbing version directed by William Friedkin”.

9.       If i was a director or screenplay writer I will do just one change that,
                        -I would have focus on clarity of dialogues rather than other things...
10.   If it depends on me to choose characters of the film than I would like to give the characters to these actors:
Stanley: Ranbeer Kapoor
Petey: Amitabh bachhan
Lulu: Alia bhatt
McCain: Arjun Kapoor
Goldberg: Akshay kumar

Thank you....