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Interpretation on Harry Potter

Interpretation on Harry Potter:-

Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling has various interpretations to discuss.being a novel of children literature as well as having elements of magical power along with imaginative descriptions it has scope to judge & illustrate with different i am sharing some of them in brief:-

1)As a Children Novel:-
Though it has serious tone in center to highlight the fight between Harry & Voldemort yet it has at some point light narration of magical elements. Through these aspects Rowling can depicted the image of children world along with the central attention of struggle of Harry. It's imaginative concerns shows that how Rowling can presents two sided images together intentionally to give touch of relief to reader as well.

2)Feminist reading of the novel:-
Along with the fight of Harry & Voldemort Rowling very well gives space to the female identity. Harry's mother who sacrificed her life to give safety to the life of her son, Harry & on the other side Harry's female friend's support to be with him throughout the struggle & by using her genius mind she can be there as a true partner to solve the queries against we can see the significance of female personalities in between the central part narrative technique.

3)Power & politics in Harry Potter:-
Voldemort's reaction for the Others can support my argument to show the element of power & politics. His treat for the Hogwarts school's children & harsh reaction towards kind pupils itself shows it well. The condition that they have to face is a sign of cruel mindset or mean mentality of Voldemort to be immortal or powerful by short it shows the suppressed condition of poor, powerless people who remains unworthy before such power politics.

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sense of an ending blog task

1) What is the meaning of phrase ‘Blood Money’ in Veronica’s reply email?
Most of the secrets in the novel are revealed in the end part of the novel. Including the old retarded fellow, the meaning of the letter, and the significance of Adrian’s page of diary. All the confusion created during the narration are solved at the end except for the phrase “Blood Money.”
As we know after reading the novel that Sarah Ford the mother of Veronica has left 500 pound and other documents. Veronica calls that 500 pounds blood money. Generally we use the phrase blood money for the money which is earned by mischief, or by committing some kind of crime. This phrase is most disturbing to the narrator Tony Webster. Many times he tried to understand why Veronica calls it blood money? but he never get the answer.
As now we know the fact that there was a relation between Adrian and Sarah, and as it was mentioned in the letter sent by Sarah to Tony that Adrian was happy during his last days; obviously with Sarah ford. And the money which Sarah left for Tony is as a gift or a token of love to Tony because it is he who cause the meeting between Sarah and Adrian.
Thus, Veronica calls it Blood Money because it is earned at the cost of murder of the relation/ of love between Adrian and Veronica.  
2) How do you decipher the equation: b = s – v x/+ a1 or a2 + v + a1 X s = b?
It is the equation Tony found it in the diary page of Adrian. Earlier in the novel Adrian use it to demonstrate chain of responsibility.
I would decipher it as
1.      b = s – v x/+ a1  as B= Baby, S=Sarah, V=Veronica, and A1= Adrian
Thus for the Baby all three are responsible.
2.     a2 + v + a1 X s = b?
B= Baby, S=Sarah, V=Veronica, and A1= Adrian and A2=Anthony
They all are the units of a chain, a chain of responsibility which caused the birth of a baby. Adrian was able to meet Sarah only because he was boyfriend of Veronica, And it is Anthony/Tony who suggests Adrian to meet Sarah.
Thus not only Adrian and Sarah are responsible for the retarded child, but it is collective action of all these characters which resulted in the birth of a child.
3) Was the mentally retarded middle aged ‘Adrian’, Tony’s friend who did not commit suicide and was suffering from trauma and thus gone mad, and was living with hidden identity?
No it’s not true(according to the story- unreliable narrator), This mentally retarded person is the son of Adrian and Veronica’s mother Sarah Ford. The retarded Adrian is the result of late age pregnancy of Sarah. According to the
Story  Adrian the friend of Tony has committed suicide long before. We can say he his super sense of morality, and the guilt conscious of Adrian forced him to commit suicide.  

One night @ the call center

 Chetan Bhagat is an Indian author,columnist, screen writer and speaker. Bhagat is the author of the best selling novels. One night @ the call center is novel written by Chetan Bhagat Published in 2005. The novel based on The work of Call Center. The author's true intention was to convey the self-defeating nature of blaming, complaining and not taking responsibility .By showing the characters' hypocrisy.

 1)Contemporary issues in ON@TCC:-

New Literature is a contemporary and recent literature. And speak about new cultural values. Chatan Bhagat target people who are between teen and adult. ( young adult). This novel throws light on the contemporary issues of present society. All six major characters have their own problems in their personal life. Actually, they are not just imaginative characters, but they are mouthpiece or representative of majority of Indians. ON@TCC explores issues faced by call centre employees. It delves into their lifestyle. A tumultuous relationship, a bad boss and a phone call from God, ON@TCC has all this and more. So, by all this things we can say that Author very well  presented contemporary issues of the society by this Novel. And also presented contemporary awareness to the people.

2) ON@TCC as a self help Book:-

Self-help books' are books written with the intention to instruct readers on a number of personal problems. Self-help books typically advertise themselves as being able to increase self-awareness and performance, including satisfaction with one's life. Narrative techniques of the Novel is also based on idea of self - help book. self - help book becomes kind of culture and the techniques are always imaginative in that. A self help book is one that is written with the intention to instruct its reader on solving problem. Capitalism also play vital role in this. in the story we see that all Character suffer in their life. Many problems in their life. But they their all live in the life.

3) Mannepean satire:-

Menippean satire is a form of satire, usually in prose, which has a length and structure similar to a novel. Mannepean Satire is a seriocomic genre. In the novel we find that these characters suffer from the problems in their life. In this novel Bhagat represent the idea of bossism that the boss of call center who has a power over these six characters. And God making a call, Marriage of two different characters Radhika and Priyanka.

4) The effect of Globalization:-

 In this novel The effect of Globalization also describe the struggle of each of the character‘s life. As globalization was economic movement. In it we find man corporate. Friedam’s the world is Flat’ is non fictional book. Call center the title itself shows the effect of globalization.

5) Cyber Punk:-

 It is a post modern science fiction genre noted for its focus on “high tech” and low life. Cyber Punk means we can find some technological elements in the work. And we can see it in the novel like use of mail, F.M., Bug, etc. It features advanced science, such as information technology and cybernetics coupled with a degree of break down or radical change in the social order. Ans we can say that this all things very well presented in this Novel S,o we can say it categorized as cyber punk novel.

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What Literature is..?

Image of my entrance test on What Literature is..?

         The earlier views and these images show how my views of literature have been changed in these two years. How starting & my today's performance is sound that has wast difference. maybe it's only because of literature that gives me strength & new ways to be open. Yet my image shows how i was limited in thinking & how i am growing now under the light of Literature itself.