Wednesday, 5 April 2017

sense of an ending blog task

1) What is the meaning of phrase ‘Blood Money’ in Veronica’s reply email?
Most of the secrets in the novel are revealed in the end part of the novel. Including the old retarded fellow, the meaning of the letter, and the significance of Adrian’s page of diary. All the confusion created during the narration are solved at the end except for the phrase “Blood Money.”
As we know after reading the novel that Sarah Ford the mother of Veronica has left 500 pound and other documents. Veronica calls that 500 pounds blood money. Generally we use the phrase blood money for the money which is earned by mischief, or by committing some kind of crime. This phrase is most disturbing to the narrator Tony Webster. Many times he tried to understand why Veronica calls it blood money? but he never get the answer.
As now we know the fact that there was a relation between Adrian and Sarah, and as it was mentioned in the letter sent by Sarah to Tony that Adrian was happy during his last days; obviously with Sarah ford. And the money which Sarah left for Tony is as a gift or a token of love to Tony because it is he who cause the meeting between Sarah and Adrian.
Thus, Veronica calls it Blood Money because it is earned at the cost of murder of the relation/ of love between Adrian and Veronica.  
2) How do you decipher the equation: b = s – v x/+ a1 or a2 + v + a1 X s = b?
It is the equation Tony found it in the diary page of Adrian. Earlier in the novel Adrian use it to demonstrate chain of responsibility.
I would decipher it as
1.      b = s – v x/+ a1  as B= Baby, S=Sarah, V=Veronica, and A1= Adrian
Thus for the Baby all three are responsible.
2.     a2 + v + a1 X s = b?
B= Baby, S=Sarah, V=Veronica, and A1= Adrian and A2=Anthony
They all are the units of a chain, a chain of responsibility which caused the birth of a baby. Adrian was able to meet Sarah only because he was boyfriend of Veronica, And it is Anthony/Tony who suggests Adrian to meet Sarah.
Thus not only Adrian and Sarah are responsible for the retarded child, but it is collective action of all these characters which resulted in the birth of a child.
3) Was the mentally retarded middle aged ‘Adrian’, Tony’s friend who did not commit suicide and was suffering from trauma and thus gone mad, and was living with hidden identity?
No it’s not true(according to the story- unreliable narrator), This mentally retarded person is the son of Adrian and Veronica’s mother Sarah Ford. The retarded Adrian is the result of late age pregnancy of Sarah. According to the
Story  Adrian the friend of Tony has committed suicide long before. We can say he his super sense of morality, and the guilt conscious of Adrian forced him to commit suicide.  

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