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Interpretation on Harry Potter

Interpretation on Harry Potter:-

Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling has various interpretations to discuss.being a novel of children literature as well as having elements of magical power along with imaginative descriptions it has scope to judge & illustrate with different i am sharing some of them in brief:-

1)As a Children Novel:-
Though it has serious tone in center to highlight the fight between Harry & Voldemort yet it has at some point light narration of magical elements. Through these aspects Rowling can depicted the image of children world along with the central attention of struggle of Harry. It's imaginative concerns shows that how Rowling can presents two sided images together intentionally to give touch of relief to reader as well.

2)Feminist reading of the novel:-
Along with the fight of Harry & Voldemort Rowling very well gives space to the female identity. Harry's mother who sacrificed her life to give safety to the life of her son, Harry & on the other side Harry's female friend's support to be with him throughout the struggle & by using her genius mind she can be there as a true partner to solve the queries against we can see the significance of female personalities in between the central part narrative technique.

3)Power & politics in Harry Potter:-
Voldemort's reaction for the Others can support my argument to show the element of power & politics. His treat for the Hogwarts school's children & harsh reaction towards kind pupils itself shows it well. The condition that they have to face is a sign of cruel mindset or mean mentality of Voldemort to be immortal or powerful by short it shows the suppressed condition of poor, powerless people who remains unworthy before such power politics.

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